Deadline on US Wardak Withdrawal Looms

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President Hamid Karzai's deadline for the US special forces to withdraw from central Maidan Wardak province comes tomorrow during the visit of US Secretary of Defence Chuck Hagel to Afghanistan.

Karzai's decision two weeks ago came after reports that Afghan forces subordinate to the US army were abusing civilians in the province.

A number of lawmakers have said that Karzai made a hasty decision on the issue, a decision made with the support of the National Security Council.

The lawmakers on Saturday called on the foreign forces to fight the president's decree.

"I think that in two weeks, it is technically impossible for the US special forces to withdraw their equipments from the province. The president decided on this hastily making it defective," lawmaker Humayun Humayun said.

A number of provincial officials and representatives also called for more talks over the expulsion.

"The province administration, the provincial council, and security organisations in the province and provincial representatives should discuss this based on which strategy and plans they can ensure the security of Maidan Wardak province,' Wardak's MP Obaidullah Kalimzai told TOLOnews.

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