Afghan Parliament Approves 2 Paragraphs of 4th Article of Election Law

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Afghan Parliament approved 16th and 20th paragraphs of the fourth article of election law on Wednesday.

The 16 paragraph of the fourth article is on the quarantine of ballot boxes, and the 20th paragraph is about establishing an electoral complaints commission.

Meanwhile, a number of parliamentarians asked to establish a special electoral commission but in this article the issue of authority of announcing the election results was postponed.

Parliament refused article number four of election law which the government asked to establish a special electoral court and approved draft of legislative commission regarding establishing electoral complaint commission with majority of votes.

Assadullah Sahadati Member of Parliament said "Establishing of the electoral special court is against the constitution of the country and this authority should be given to ECC.

Ahmad Behzad Member of Parliament said "In today's session two issues were approved by parliamentarians. First the issue of quarantine and second the existence of ECC."

But some of the parliamentarians said that a special electoral court should be established.

Kamal Naser Osoli Member of Parliament said "if the ECC doesn't investigate complaints of the candidates, then where should the candidates refer to? So it is necessary to establish a court for solving these problems."

The parliament is going to discuss the issue of final announcement of election results on Saturday and decide whether the authority should be given to the independent election commission (IEC) or to the electoral complaints commission (ECC).

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