Law on Elimination of Violence Against Women Dropped by Parliament

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The law on elimination of violence against women got a negative response from a number of MPs and was dropped from its agenda.

The law was to be put for voting in the Parliament but a number of parliamentarians raised their voices against some articles which were against Islam and demanded that the House should repeal it.

A number of MPs strongly criticized the President and asked why the President had issued such a law which is against Islam?

Previously, a number of women's rights organizations had predicted that if this law is tabled in the parliament then it would meet such a fate.
Based on the decision of Heads of Committee it was planned that after the general session the law would be put to vote.

Fawzia Kofi head of Women committee of Parliament said, "Today I want the MPs to vote for this law for sake of their sisters who have been alongside them at every point."

The parliamentarians who opposed the law call 6 articles of its articles to be against Islamic values. The articles talks about establishing of safe houses, 16 years age for marrying, increasing of marriage, selection of husband by wife and forced marriages which according them are against Islamic values.

Abdul Satar Khawasi a MP from Parwan province said, "I am surprised that why the President has signed this law while it is completely against Islam."

Qhazi Nazeer Ahmad Hanafi a MP from Herat province said, "If the safe houses are approved by parliament you will witness millions martyrs in this country".

Gulalai Noor Safi a MP said, "The MP who says that women must be treated as a human being, he himself treats them very badly inside the parliament".

Abdul Raouf Ibrahimi, Speaker of Parliament said, "This law must be shared with the 18 committees of the parliament so that it can be included once again in the Parliament's agenda."

Meanwhile, a number of MPs asked the President to repeal the law.

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