Nuristan A Safe Passage For Taliban To Enter North and North-Eastern Parts of Afghanistan

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The Governor of eastern Nuristan province Tamim Nuristani on Tuesday said that Nuristan will change into second Waziristan. Arabs, Pakistanis, Lashkar-e-Taiba and several other insurgents groups are using Nuristan as a passage to reach the North and North-Eastern provinces.

The Governor of Eastern Nuristan province adds that Taliban and Pakistanis are transporting all their fighters from the border areas of the province to the North and North-Eastern provinces of Afghanistan.

Tamim Nuristani stressed that the province will fall prey to insurgency if the districts don't clean up the insurgents. The insurgent groups are present within eight kilometer radius of the province's capital, Paroon, where all the government officials are traveling by helicopter to other province including Kabul.

"Dahan-e-Patigol of Kamdish district is the main pathway of the Taliban and Pakistanis. Through this area they move all the supplies to Kamdish, Bargmatal districts and even in the Kunar and Laghman provinces. Now they want to find a way into the Badkhshan province so we intend to keep that route closed," Governor Tamim Nuristani told TOLOnews.

It is said that Pakistan wants to use Nuristan as a bridge to spread insurgency in the North and North-Eastern parts of Afghanistan.

"There are ISI groups in Kamdish, Bargmatal and Waigal. Around 70 people have come into the region and they are working, leading, giving money and encouraging people to carry out activities that stall the progress in Afghanistan," Tamim Nuristani said.

Security is not the only problem in the Nuristan province. Lack of buildings for governmental agencies and asphalted roads are some of the major problems in the province. Even one meter of asphalted road does not exist in the Nuristan province.

Meanwhile, Abdul Khaliq Farahi, Head of Independent Directorate of Local Governance pledges to solve the problems of the Province.

"Nothing has been done in the last two years here, even the President's decrees were not implemented," Abdul Khaliq Farahi said.

Afghan officials who have visited Nuristan province said that security problem is the priority and it needs to be solved first.

"The Ministry of Defence is busy doing small things; I hope soon it will start solving the bigger issues. The Defence and Interior Ministries are strengthening Kabul's gates. The gates are Nuristan, Khost, Kunar and Badakhshan provinces," Head of Transition Commission Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai said.

"Our forces are ready to take over the Waigal district and the Police Chief should participate in the planning process," Commander of 201 Silab Military Corps Mohammad Zaman Waziri said.

The Governor of Nuristan province believes that strengthening the local police forces and stationing army soldiers will be effective in reducing the security threats.

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