Bala Murghab District in Badghis Province a Safe Haven for Taliban: District Governor

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The local officials and residents of Bala Murghab district of Badghis province on Monday claimed that their district has become a safe haven for the Taliban. The officials and residents blamed the government for not doing anything to take control of the situation.

After the withdrawal of foreign forces from the Bala Murghab district, security officials of Badghis province said that security situation has improved in the district. On the contrary, Ahmad Zia Akazi, District Governor, said that the area has become a safe haven for the Taliban and that they have intensified their terror attacks.

The Mr. Akazi expressed concerns over the growing insecurity and stressed that if it is not checked it might spread to other provinces.

"Bala Murghab is a safe haven for the Taliban. The people were assured security in the region, but nothing has been done to ensure it. If the government does not do anything about it, more innocent lives could be lost," said Ahmad Zia Akazi.

Meanwhile, Gen. Sharafudin Sharaf, Badghis Police chief, said that the Pakistani Taliban and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan members come to the district and instigate the residents to protest against the government.

"Over 20 insurgents groups are active in Badghis province and majority of them operate from Bala Murghab district. Undoubtedly, they have the support of Pakistan and other neighboring countries. These insiurgents instigate the residents to protest against the government," said Gen. Sharafudin Sharaf.

Additionally, an official of the 207th Zafar Military Corps, Nazar Mohammad Qarloq, confirmed the growing insecurity in the district and linked the crisis to the Quetta Council.

"The Taliban has direct links with Pakistan and the Quetta council. They get instructions from them to wage war against the government," responded Mr. Qarloq.

The residents of Bala Murghab district said that the central government does not care about their lives. The government's negligence has adversely affected sectors such as education, health and agriculture in the province.

The residents urged the government to take stringent action and secure the area.

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