Taliban Shadow Governor Arrested in Jawzjan

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Local officials of northern Jawzjan province said on Monday that the Taliban's shadow governor of Aqcha District was arrested with two others on Sunday night during an operation carried out jointly between Afghan and coalition troops.

Officials said the insurgent leader's name was Jawid, but he also reportedly goes by Qari Shafiqullah.

The operation in which Jawid was apprehended was conducted by Afghan and foreign troops in Aqcha, according to provincial security official. NATO's air force was said to have been involved in the operation.

No military or civilians casualties were reported.

The Taliban has not yet commented on the arrest.

Jawzjan is one of the more restive provinces in Afghanistan, and like others that continue to see a heavy insurgent presence, underground structures of community governance and law enforcement have been erected there.

Ahead of the 2014 elections, Afghan security forces have ramped up operations across the country, in part to prevent militants and extralegal authorities like Jawid from interfering in the election process.

The potential negative affect security issues could have on voter turnout and the integrity of the elections is a major concern for Afghan officials.

The operation on Sunday night marked an example of coalition troops and Afghan forces working together to fight the Taliban insurgency that has gripped the country in conflict since the U.S.-led invasion in 2001. As foreign troops prepare to depart Afghanistan in late 2014, Afghan forces have increasingly assumed greater responsibility for security operations.

However, NATO air support has been cited as still a critical aid the Afghan forces require.

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