Youth Constitute 70 Percent of Provincial Council Candidates

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Seventy percent of the provincial council candidates come from the country's youth, signifying youth's interest in the political process, the Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC) said on Tuesday. IEC has not given an exact statistic about the number of candidates yet.

Some young candidates have said that the youths could contribute effectively in the country's development process because of their dynamism, energy and capacities.

"This time, majority of the provincial councils candidates are youths, we have 2717 candidates for provincial councils, only 380 of whom are women," IEC Spokesman Noor Mohammad Noor said.

"Youths have achieved major developments," provincial council candidate Rahimullah Mujahid said. "The elders must support the youth, because future of the country depends on them."

"I have nominated myself to raise the voice of youths and bring their issues to light," another candidate Fatima Ahmadi said.

The young candidates claim to be more driven and better-suited to serve the country. Meanwhile, IEC has eliminated a number of candidates due to lack of eligibility, based on the requirements of the election law.

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