Karzai: Afghanistan Endorses Crimean Right to Decide Their Future

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On Sunday President Karzai announced in a meeting with the US congressional delegation that Afghanistan respects the decision made by the Crimean people to become a part of the Russian Federation. However, some analysts interpreted Karzai's statement not in compliance with national interest.

Political commentators believe that Karzai's statement could further escalate tensions between Afghanistan and the west.

"Looking at the current situation, we must pursue a proper policy and deal with the issue in a diplomatic manner," political analyst Mia Gul Waseeq said.

Waseeq said that president Karzai should focus closely to the needs and improvements of Afghanistan instead of involving the country in other political tensions with the US.

During the meeting the US delegation urged Karzai to sign the Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA), which will allow US forces to remain in Afghanistan beyond 2014. However, Karzai declined signing the agreement until the preconditions are honored by the US for him to sign the pact.

Karzai clarified his stance on the Crimea adhesion to Russia days after tensions between Moscow and the western nations increased over disintegration of Crimea from Ukraine.
"The Crimean people decided on their future in the referendum," president Karzai said. "Crimea is part of Russia and Afghanistan respects it."

Last week the Russian embassy in Kabul announced that Moscow looks to play a great role in the future of Afghanistan.

The Crimean issue has led to a political confrontation between Russia and the west. Despite the US and other western countries being the large donors to Afghanistan, president Karzai has backed Russia in the Crimea affair.

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