Afghans Undeterred By Attacks, Determined to Vote

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The recent slue of terrorist attacks on civilians and election officials has received a lot of attention as the eyes of the world shift to Afghanistan just a week ahead of its historic presidential election. For many Afghans, militant attempts to disrupt the country's democratic process have only fueled a greater determination to participate in the upcoming vote.

Residents of the Hoot Khail area of Kabul witnessed a six hour long assault on the Independent Election Commission's headquarters on Saturday, but most continued to go about their everyday routines. Security forces were able to contain the attack and prevent any civilian casualties. Two soldiers were injured, and all five of the attackers were killed.

Toryalai is a roadside money exchanger who faces the dangers of life in Kabul on a daily bases. But he told TOLOnews on Saturday that he would cast his vote to choose President Hamid Karzai's successor no matter what.

There are many others like Toryalai, such as Pacha Gul, another Kabul resident. "These attacks happen every day and our enemies are trying to prevent us from voting, but these attacks by no means can stop us," he said.

Waheed, a mechanic, said that he has seen worse violence over the course of the past 30 years and the recent flare up of violence does not worry him. Waheed said he is determined to vote, and even more so now that insurgents are trying to prevent him from doing so.

Only a matter of days remain before polls open, and in all likelihood there will be more attacks in Kabul and elsewhere before then. But the resolve of Afghans who want to help determine their country's future is strong, and seems to have been only strengthened by insurgents' subversive tactics.

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