UPDATE: Afghan MP Injured by NDS Personnel in Kabul

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Afghan parliamentarian Maryam Koofi was shot by a National Directorate of Security (NDS) personnel in Kabul on Tuesday night and the shooter was arrested, said local officials on Wednesday.

The incident took place in Aria Township where she resides and the motive behind the attack is not clear yet, said the Ministry of Interior Affair's (MoIA) spokesman, Sediq Sediqqi.

"Ms. Mariam Koofi, member of the Parliament, was injured by one of our personnel security force after an argument broke out between the two," Sediqqi said. "The suspect has been arrested and investigations are in progress."

Eyewitness said four people came out of a white vehicle around 9:55 p.m. among the four one shot MP Koofi. The shooter not only shot Koofi, but her bodyguard injuring him. The three other suspects fled the scene.

"Mariam Koofi was on her way home when she was attacked by the gunmen," Noor Mohammad Aria, resident representative of Aria, said. "One of the attackers was injured and the three others fled the area."

Aria town is known for being a secure place in Kabul where most governmental officials live.

MP Koofi was taken to the hospital and is reported to be in stable condition, hospital officials said.

She is the sister of parliamentarian Fawzia Koofi who represents northeastern Takhar province.

This was the second attack carried out by unknown gunmen against high profile officials in Kabul on Tuesday.

The Deputy Minister of Public Works, Ahmad Shah Wahid, was kidnapped by unknown gunmen Tuesday morning in Kabul city.

Police officials said they have launched a full investigation.

Kabul city has been relatively safe in terms of kidnapping in the past couple of years, while suicide bombings and tactical assaults have remained more common. But the abduction of Minister Wahid alarmed government officials and business leaders.

Kidnapping Afghan officials is not a tactic often used by the Taliban. Experts suggest that it might be criminals who seek ransom.
NDS declined to comment on the incident.

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