IEC Dismisses More Than 3,300 Employees

News - Election 2014


The Independent Election Commission (IEC) sent out a notice on Sunday to their staff warning them that any sort of fraud happens during runoff under their staffs' supervision will be terminated.

"This time we will seriously deal with the issue," IEC Spokesman Noor Mohammad Noor said. "Those staff members who were found guilty in the first round of elections have been dismissed."

The actions of the IEC in the runoff will be closely monitored by observers because the organization has been accused of being involved in fraudulent acts throughout the country.

"Staff members found guilty in frauds in the first round must be expelled from the jobs," Chairman of the Free and Fair Election Foundation of Afghanistan (FEFA), Mohammad Fahim Naeemi, said. "The IEC must seriously react to the issue and consider possibilities and conduct a people oriented and transparent elections."

The IEC has identified and dismissed 3,300 IEC employees who were involved in the manipulation of the first round of presidential elections.

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