IEC Rejects Abdullah's Demands

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The Independent Election Commission (IEC) has rejected all 13 demands of presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah through a written letter on Saturday evening.

Dr. Abdullah's electoral campaign team, in reaction, has ended all relations with the election commissions. His team adds that through supporting documents and evidence that was presented to the IEC, they declared that there will be no re-election in the areas where "widespread" fraud occurred.

"We received a letter from the IEC last night, in which they rejected all of our demands and gave a negative response," head of Dr. Abdullah's campaign team, Nasrullah Barayalai Arsalai, said. "In response, from now on, we will not accept the actions of the IEC and the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC), and their work will not be legitimate for us."

Dr. Abdullah's campaign team asserted that the election commissions are a part of the frauds and holds President Hamid Karzai responsible for the response the team received.

"From today onward, none of their actions will be acceptable to us, and any consequences of this issue will be the responsibility of the IEC as well as President Hamid Karzai," Arsalai exclaimed.

Arsalai adds that upon request of the United Nations (UN) Dr. Abdullah entered negotiations with the IEC in hopes that their demands will be met. But in reaction to the rejection, Dr. Abdullah's team made clear that they will not accept the decisions of the election commission. 

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