People Do Not Want an Uprising: Ghani

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In an interview with the Washington Post on August 14, Governor of Balkh, Attah Mohammad Noor supporter of Abdullah Abdullah, said that if the audit process was one-sided and fraudulent the team will not accept the results and will start a civil uprising.

"If the vote recount is one-sided or fraudulent, we will not bow down and accept the results," he said in the interview with Washington Post.

"We do not want a crisis, but we will defend the rights of our people. We will have a big civil uprising...we will occupy government buildings and institutions...we will boycott the process, and we will not recognize the next government because it will have no legitimacy."

Meanwhile, in an interview with Radio Azadi, presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai was asked what his reaction was to Noor's assertive statement.

"Uprising?" Ghani questioned, bursting into laughter. "This is really funny. It made me laugh. Think about it, Dr. Abdullah is an official of a team and is a national character. He has promised to accept the result of audit; no one can create an uprising. It's simple; the people of Afghanistan do not want an uprising."

Further into the interview, Ghani said that he will not decide on the distribution of ministries prior to the announcement of final results.

"Division of power in a traditional manner is saying that this ministry is yours and these are ours and you don't have the right to ask about this province and I don't have the right to ask about your ministries. In this case division is not the matter; this is a power share system, which will facilitate political sharing to end war."

Based on the joint declaration of both candidates, both presidential candidates agreed to form a national unity government that will develop a prosperous Afghanistan.

Currently, members of both committees are discussing the details of the formation of the national unity government.

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