$92 Million USAID Project to Advance Higher Education

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The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has undertaken a new $92 million project to improve the Afghan higher education system , a USAID press release announced on August 21.

The press release indicated that representatives from the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE),the Ministry of Economy and USAID signed the agreement for the University Support and Workforce Development Project (USWDP) on August 13.

“Improving Afghanistan’s educational system is an important and long-term priority for the United States,” the statement read, adding that the USAID has contributed $1.1 billion to the Afghan education sector from 2002-2013.

The USWDP aims to improve the quality of academic programs to meet international standards by organizing trainings for faculty and students. Furthermore, the project will help build and advance better management in MoHE , create new opportunities to attend higher education institutes and further develop the higher education curriculum.

Alongside representatives of the international community, USAID officials in Afghanistan have always stressed on the significance of a strong educational system for the country’s economy and stability.

USWDP will be implemented through the FHI 360 contracting company in the framework of a five-year plan.

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