Seven TOLO TV Employees Killed In Wednesday Attack

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A Taliban suicide car bomber detonated explosives near a bus carrying staffers from TOLO TV in Darulaman Road in Kabul on Wednesday evening, killing at least seven staff members – including three female employees - and wounding 26 others.

The employees were on their way home when the Taliban bomber targeted their bus, marking another deadly suicide attack on Afghan civilians in a series of bombings in the city.

The seven employees killed in the attack are as follows:

1. Mohammad Jawad Hussaini:

Hussaini started his career with MOBY Group seven years ago as a video editor.

2. Zainab Mirzaee:

Mirzaee started her career with MOBY Group as a Dari dubbing artist.

3. Mehri Azizi:

Azizi started her career in graphic department of MOBY Group five years ago.

4. Mariam Ibrahimi:

Ibrahimi started her career with MOBY Group as a dubbing artist six months ago.

5. Mohammad Hussain:

Hussain worked as a driver in MOBY Group for past six years.

6. Mohammad Ali Mohammadi:

Mohammadi started his career with MOBY Group as a Dari dubbing artist five years ago.

7. Hussain Amiri

Amiri worked in decoration department in MOBY Group for eight years.

The Taliban has been involved in attacks on civilian targets in the country since the hardline movement toppled in 2001. However, the Wednesday's attack on employees of TOLO TV was unprecedented.

The attack however drew a widespread global condemnation on Thursday, with various world countries, activists and media organizations denouncing it as attack on the freedom of expression.

The Taliban in a statement claimed responsibility for the attack.

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