Afghan Clerics Defy Taliban, Condemn Attack On TOLO TV Staff

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Following the deadly attack on employees of TOLO TV that killed seven, a number of prominent Afghan religious scholars on Thursday strongly condemned the attack and defied the Taliban for their crimes and violent acts against humanity and Islam.

The clerics termed journalism as a sacred profession and said terrorist attacks are against the teachings of Islam.

They said that the insurgents by posing threats to civilians are trying to tarnish the image of Islam and the Islamic society.

"Reporting is a sacred profession," Lotfullah Haqparast, a religious scholar said.

"Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) says that the biggest jihad is to utter the truth while you are faced with an oppressive or a cruel ruler," he added.

"There is no justification for such cowardly acts in the Sharia Law (Islamic law). Islam has never supported such repressions," religious scholar Sayed Samiullah Sahibzada said.

The remarks come after seven TOLO TV employees were killed in a Taliban attack on Wednesday.

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