As news of the sixth suspected poisoning at an Afghan school in as many weeks broke Tuesday morning, Afghanistan's lawmakers blamed poor security for not preventing such incidents.

The parliament warned today that if more was not done by Afghan security forces to address the problem, the insurgents - linked to Pakistan - will succeed in its goals to make matters worse in Afghanistan.

In the past six weeks, there have been six suspected cases of poisonings.

Today's case saw at least 74 students from Aahan Draae girls' school in northern Takhar province hospitalised. It was the fourth time a school in Takhar was apparently targeted.

Takhar MP Mariam Kofi said Tuesday that she believes such cases are being planned in the neighboring countries, particularly Pakistan, and blamed Taliban and Al Qaeda.

"These cases have been planned in neighboring countries particularly Pakistan, as you better know, Taliban and Al-Qaeda have been trained well," Kofi told TOLOnews.

Meanwhile, Afghan senator Mawlawi Abdul Wahab Urfan blamed security forces for not preventing the incidents and accused them of being incapable.

"We cannot chase after rumors,: he said. "Security forces should be responsible for this, but unfortunately they haven't shown any convincing response in this regard which shows their inability."

The Ministry of Education condemned the incident and called the school poisoning an inhuman action.

Deputy Minister of Education Mohammad Asef Nang also called for an investigation of the cases by the security forces and judicial organs.

"We can't say what is really going before the forensic teams, the security forces and the criminal investigative department give us precise documents," he said.

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