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An man in Afghanistan's northern Balkh province was arrested on Tuesday after trying to cut off his pregnant 16-year-old wife's tongue, apparently for refusing to prostitute herself.

The girl, Negina, who was seven months pregnant, suffered a miscarriage after a severe beating from her 21-year-old husband.

Negina's mother told TOLOnews that her daughter had been abused many times already by her husband since their marriage in Balkh's Charbolak district, and that he tried to cut off her tongue after Negina refused to prostitute herself for income.

Negina lost her child because she was badly tortured by her husband, the mother said.

Her tongue has been stitched, but it will take some time before she can talk again.

Head of the Provincial Women's Directorate Fariba Majid said that it was the worst case of violence against a woman recorded in Balkh province.

She said that more than 40 cases violence against women have been recorded so far this year, but this was the first time that a husband has tried to cut off his wife's tongue.

Meanwhile, provincial security chief General Abdul Razaq Qaderi said that anyone found to commit such actions will be arrested.

He added that Negina's husband has been detained.

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