The coldblooded killing of a defenseless woman by "criminals" was a heinous and unforgiveable act, condemned by Islam and the enforced laws of Afghanistan, President Karzai said Monday.

Referring to the footage released Sunday of a woman being executed after being charged with adultery by local Taliban leaders, Karzai said that the Afghan people didn't want to witness such an incident so many years after the collapse of the Taliban regime.

"The murder of a woman who has had no voice to raise for her self-defense against the weapon and brutality of a number of criminals is a clear symbol of the cowardice and wickedness of her murderers," Karzai said in a statement released Monday by his office. "Such a crime is unforgivable in the sacred religion of Islam and the laws of the country."
The shooting happened in public in Parwan province's Ghorband district and is believed to have taken place over a week ago.

Afghanistan's Ministry of Interior (MOI) said that the search to identify the killers is underway.

On Sunday, Parwan's provincial governor said those responsible for the execution had escaped from the area by disguising themselves as women, using burqas.

MOI spokesman Sediq Sediqqi called the incident a clear cruelty and nerveless act, saying that such incidents defames not only the residents of that area but all Afghans.

"As you could see in that footage, Taliban who killed that defenseless woman with guns call themselves ‘heros'. Forty armed people standing and killing a woman - this is not a bravery," Sediqqi said Monday, adding that he had not expected to see all the people the video shows watching a woman being killed in that manner.

The act was broadly condemned by national and international human rights organisations.

US and British Embassies also condemned the action calling a clear act of violence against woman.

Meanwhile, provincial women's director Shah Jan Yazdan Parast added her voice, saying that women had suffered enough during the Taliban regime and they never want their return.

"Women suffered a lot during the Taliban regime, both mentally and in terms of education. We never want their return," she said.

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