An Afghan-led military operation in eastern Laghman province killed a high-ranking local Taliban commander and bomb-making expert, a statement from the provincial governor said Tuesday.

The clearing operation also captured five other insurgents, it said.

The commander was an expert in making improvised explosive devices (IED) and a popular commander in the area, according to the statement.

"In a clearing operation launched at 12:00 o'clock today in Sheikhano area of Laghman province, a popular Taliban commander and IED expert was killed wearing women's dress," the statement, originally written in Farsi, said.

Several weapons, multiple mobile phone SIM cards, and Taliban-related documents were retrieved from the commander's dead body.

Meanwhile, several other insurgents who tried to damage the electrical facilities at the Padpakh area of Laghman faced armed resistance from the residents of the area.

The clash resulted in the death of five insurgents and the wounding of many others, the statement added.

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