$500k Transferred to Zakhilwal's Bank Account in July 2010

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A new TOLOnews finding shows that $500,000 was deposited into the Minister of Finance's bank account in in July 2010.

According to bank accounts given to TOLOnews, $300,000 was deposited into Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal's account by an individual named Mohammad Asghar on July 7, 2010. Several days later, another $200,000 was deposited to Zakhilwal's bank account at Ghazanfar Bank.

Another document shows that, Zakhilwal transferred $250,000 to Bahrain in 2009.

Zakhilwal claims the he earned the money from his private business ventures, and apart from his gains, he collected funds for President Karzai's presidential campaign.

Meanwhile, the Head of Afghanistan's High Office of Oversight and Anti-Corruption, Azizullah Lodin, said that he doesn't know any government high ranking official to have a private business apart from his government responsibility.

"Does he have any business license? I don't know of any government minister having a private business apart from his official job," Mr. Lodin told a TOLOnews reporter on Saturday.

Afghanistan Free and Fair Election Foundation's Director Jandad Spinghar stressed that "[Zakhilwal] cannot participate in any kind of election campaign unless he quits his government job."

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