Upheaval at Defense, Interior Ministries May Give Boost to Insurgents

Following the resignation of Defense Minister Rahim Wardak, some experts have voiced concern that his replacement by an acting minister may lead to a further deterioration of security in the country.

Enayatullah Nazar, who was previously the deputy minister of defense, has been made acting defense minister.

Afghan military expert General Atiqullah Amarkhil said that having acting security ministers will "pave the way for the infiltration of enemies."

In recent months, security has worsened as fighters have increasingly infiltrated Afghanistan's eastern provinces.

There has also been a surge of so-called green-on-blue attacks where Afghan army and police recruits turn on their international mentors. The Taliban often claim responsibility for these turncoat attacks.

Acting ministers do not have the same range of powers as ministers. An acting minister cannot, for example, fire or hire any personnel. This means that some of the ministry's activities are suspended or delayed.

"Acting roles within the military weakens the strength of the forces because the acting officials do not have executive authorities," military expert Jawed Kohistani said.

Several lawmakers have also expressed concerns about acting ministers in the administration.

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