Karzai Calls on Taliban to Apologise to Afghans, Renounce Violence

Afghan President Hamid Karzai on Sunday called on the militant Taliban to renounce violence and apologise to the people of Afghanistan, saying that those who inflicted harm would be "under question" one day.

Speaking at the presidential palace after the morning prayer of Eid al-Fitr, Karzai said that insurgents' attacks during the holy month of Ramadan were a clear hostility against Allah.

Karzai said to those gathered including government officials, jihadi leaders, and some foreign diplomats, that the people of Afghanistan experienced a lot of cruelty in the past month.

"Those who did the cruelty, killing God's servants, it was enmity with God," Karzai said. "Their actions are unforgivable."

He called for the Taliban to abandon violence and apologise, saying that there were situations where it was not clear who was behind some of the violence.

"I call on the Taliban and their leaders that if you did this cruelty, we have nothing to say, and if you are not behind this cruelty tell the truth and apologise [for the former violence]."

The President has repeatedly asked the Taliban and insurgent groups to stop fighting with violence but the Taliban have disregarded the calls.

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