'Insider Attack' Planner Killed in Kunar Airstrike

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A Taliban insurgent involved in an insider attack in May was killed in an airstrike in eastern Kunar province on Saturday, Isaf said Monday.

The insurgent known as Mahmood was killed in an airstrike in Kunar's Bar Kunar district, "the result of Afghan and coalition efforts to track down and find insurgents involved with insider attacks", Isaf said.

The term "insider attack" refers to a member of the Afghan security forces attacking the Nato forces with the intent to kill.

Isaf confirmed to TOLOnews Monday that Mahmood was only behind the planning such attacks and was not involved in the Afghan security forces.

More than a dozen other armed insurgents were also killed in the Bar Kunar airstrike, it said.

Isaf also confirmed the death of Mullah Jalal, a Taliban leader for Kunar's Ghaziabad district, in a second Saturday airstrike.

"At the time of the airstrike, Mullah Jalal and multiple armed insurgents were preparing attacks on nearby Afghan security forces," Isaf said, adding that several armed insurgents were also killed during the operation.

Isaf said another Kunar airstrike on Monday killed an al-Qaeda-associated facilitator in the Asadabad district.

"Asadullah was positively identified during an Afghan and coalition security operation and engaged with a precision airstrike after it was determined no civilians were in the area," Isaf said in a statement, adding that Asadullah supported operations of terrorist networks, organizing and conducting attacks in the Watahpur Valley, including a suicide attack on August 8.

Meanwhile, in central Wardak province the Taliban attack specialist, Rashid, was killed in a joint forces operation in the Sayedabad district.

"As the security force approached Rashid's location, the attack specialist and several armed insurgents fired upon the Afghan and coalition troops. The security force returned fire, killing Rashid and several other insurgents," Isaf said.

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