2 US Soliders Killed in Insider Attack (Update)

An Afghan police officer on Thursday turned his weapon against Isaf forces in southern Uruzgan province, killing two US soldiers, officials said.

Two Afghan officials in Uruzgan said one of their police officers shot the soldiers during a meeting in the Khas district and has escaped.

US military confirmed the incident in a released statement Thursday evening saying two US soldiers were killed when an individual in an Afghan National Police uniform turned his weapon the soldiers in Khas district of Uruzgan.

TOLOnews first reported the shooting, which happened around midday, saying that an Australian soldier was killed according to statements from the two officials. This was later confirmed by Isaf to be incorrect.

The 'insider' shooting took place in the police headquarters of Khas by a police officer who had been in the provincial force for some months, a senior police official said.

The official, who asked not to be named, said the police officer was a trusted member of the police force.

He said that the shooting instantly killed one of the soldiers and another was transported in a helicopter from the scene.

More than 50 Isaf soldiers have been killed in insider or 'green-on-blue' attacks this year.

The shooting comes a day after the Eid message from Taliban leader Mullah Omar urging the Afghan security forces to turn their weapons against the Nato-led forces.

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