Alleged Insider Attack Kills 2 Nato Troops in Helmand

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Two Isaf troops were killed and as many as two were injured in an apparent insider attack in southern Helmand province on Tuesday, officials said, with some reports saying the soldiers were British.

"An individual wearing the uniform of an Afghan policeman turned his weapon against International Security Assistance Force service members in southern Afghanistan today, killing two," the Nato-led Isaf said in a statement Tuesday.

The incident is currently under investigation, it added, without disclosing any other details of the location of the attack or the nationality of the soldiers.

The deputy coordinator for Helmand police headquarters Ismail Hotak told TOLOnews the attack happened in the Gereshk district of Helmand.

He said, "the enemies attacked a British patrol in the Malgir area of Greshk district this morning, killing two soldiers and injuring two more."

He said that there was no exact information about the number of attackers but a delegation has been sent to the district to investigate.

Some media outlets including Reuters quoted other Afghan officials saying the attack was carried out by a member of the Afghan police force.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack via twitter and text messages to media saying a man called Atiqullah had carried out the attack and had joined the Taliban.

"An infiltrator in the Afghan police has killed three British soldiers in the Babaje Malgir area of Greshk district and escaped carrying with him a foreign weapon," the Taliban spokesman said in the text message.

Recently, insider attacks by Afghan soldiers and police officers or insurgents wearing uniforms have greatly increased.

Nearly 60 foreign troops have been killed in this manner in Afghanistan this year.

Of the 67 insider attacks since 2008, 40 of them happened in 2012, according to statistics collated by the Long War Journal.

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