International Agricultural Exhibition Opens in Kabul

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An international agricultural production exhibition began in Kabul on Wednesday with produce and equipment from several countries displayed.

Agricultural and dairy products from various provinces of Afghanistan were shown in Kabul's Badam Bagh area alongside products from the United Arab Emirates, Germany and many neighboring countries, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mohammad Asif Rahimi said.

Agricultural equipment and solar panel systems for generating electricity were also shown in the exhibition.

"This exhibition will play a major role in improving agricultural cooperation and it's a good example of how the government supports the private sector," Rahimi said.

The Second Vice President Mohammad Karim Khalili said that the government is responsible for encouraging the private sector to invest in society and he was confident this exhibition will help in that respect.

Farmers who attended the exhibition were also optimistic saying it will them find more opportunities to sell their produce.

"We are very happy for this exhibition, I hope these three days will be to our benefit," said one of the farmers at the exhibition.

"Today is a big day. I saw the quality and the standards in the local products. We should think about popularising these products," another farmer said.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock conducts agriculture exhibitions on an annual basis in Badam Bagh area of Kabul. The exhibition is open to the public for three days.

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