Distribution of Weapons Belongs to Govt: US Ambassador

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US Ambassador to Afghanistan James Cunningham on Saturday said that the distribution of weapons to any person or group should only come under the jurisdiction of the government.

"As the [Herat] governor said, I am adding that the distribution of weapons is the competence of the Afghanistan government," Cunningham said after the Herat governor Daoud Shah Saba condemned the practice.

Saba on Saturday said that distribution of weapons will threaten Afghanistan's stability and warned any group that is doing so will face the law.

"Everyone who acts illegally or distributes weapons will be found out by the intelligence and security organs and will face legal repercussions," he said Saturday.

The pair's comments come after the Herat provincial spokesman said last week that there is proof that the Jihadi Council is distributing weapons to 'military units'.

The Jihadi Council – a group led by former mujahedeen commander and current Minister of Energy and Water Mohammad Ismail Khan – has admitted it is forming into units with leaders being appointed over each, but denied any suggestion it was dispensing weapons.

Cunningham travelled to Herat from Kabul to inaugurate an exhibition in the Arg building of Afghanistan-US historical ties.

More than 80 works exploring the history of the relationship between Afghanistan and US will be on display for 20 days.

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