Jihadi Council Plans May Provoke Civil War: Senators

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If the Mujahedeen leaders in the Jihadi Council form military units and distribute weapons, Afghanistan may face more civil war in the country, Afghan Senator Gulalai Akbari said Sunday.

"Reports say that they are distributing weapons. If the Mujahedeen are taking out their weapons, they can bring Afghanistan to two more civil wars," Akbari said.

Several other senators said that the DDR program sought to disarm militia groups and the process of re-arming them should not be allowed to begin again.

"All illegal weapons were collected through the DDR program. The distribution of weapon should not happen again," second vice chair of Afghan Senate Rafiullah Gul Afghan said.

Some senators blamed President Hamid Karzai for the plans.

"Does Ismail Khan have a weapons factory to distribute them illegally? This should be investigated," Senator Hedayatullah Rehahi said.

Mohammad Ismail Khan, the Minister of Energy and Water, revealed plans of the Jihadi Council ten days ago to group into military units to help - as he says - defend Afghanistan after 2014.

"These leaders have started treason once again, Senator Belqis Roshan said. "How is it possible for Karzai that a member of his cabinet forms such a force but he's not aware, its really interesting," he added.

Meanwhile, Energy and Water Minister Mohammad Ismail Khan has rejected claims the Jihadi Council is also distributing weapons, saying it was a conspiracy against him.

"Herat's provincial spokesman showed a form to media which he claimed shows the distribution of weapons by the Jihadi Council. This is fake and a conspiracy against me," he told reporters.

Herat officials said that distribution of weapon in the province is unacceptable and serious measures will be taken against anyone found to be doing so.

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