Rocket Attack on Kabul City Kills 1 Civilian, Injures 2


An early morning rocket attack on Tuesday in the city of Kabul has killed one civilian and injured two others, local officials said.

At least four rockets landed in the Afghan capital between 6:35am and 6:45am, with the fourth round reported by Isaf Joint Command but not initially confirmed by the Kabul police.

The three casualties were all civilians travelling in a car near the National Directorate of Security office in District 16 where one of the rockets landed, Kabul police chief Gen Ayub Salangi told TOLOnews.

A second round hit private television station Shamshad TV near Kabul Stadium in District 9 with no casualties, Salangi said.

And a further two rounds hit Kabul International Airport, also with no casualties.

Afghan police initially told TOLOnews only one round hit the airport, but the New York Times later quoted airport officials saying two rockets landed in the airport without any major damage.

An Isaf Joint Command spokesman told TOLOnews that "four rounds of indirect fire" hit the Afghan capital with at least one round landing on one of Kabul's two main hills, Bala Hisar, where the Afghan National Army has a military base.

As at 8:30am that was still Isaf's report. However, Salangi said that the report was incorrect and no rockets landed on Bala Hisar.

The rockets were fired from the area of Deh-e Sabz northeast of Kabul International Airport via a remote-controlled trigger using mobile phones, according to Salangi.

He believes the rockets were set up overnight, adding that one of the rockets was defused by police who arrived in the area before it was fired.

No group including the Taliban had claimed responsibility for the attack and no arrests in relation to the rockets had been made.

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