Balochi Genocide Continues Today: Elders

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Elders of the Baloch tribe in Afghanistan voiced concerns on Tuesday that their people were being systematically targeted in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran.

Speaking at a commemoration ceremony of the Baloch martyrs, Head of Afghan Baloch Tribal Council Shir Agha Baloch said he was concerned that there a genocide of his tribe was taking place with thousands of Balochi men and women killed by Afghan, Iranian and Pakistani security forces.

"Unfortunately, the genocide of the Baloch tribe continues intensively in Iran and Pakistan. They are always at risk while asking for their natural rights. Thousands of Balochis have been killed in the past years," he said.

"We will continue our fight to gain our rights," Baloch said, adding that 8,000 tribespersons were killed during Ziaulhaq's presidency in Pakistan and 18,000 more disappeared.

Member of Afghanistan's Sciences Academy Sulaiman Layeq also said that the tribe will continue to fight for their rights in society.

"Balochistan and the Balochis are under pressure and face brutality during the ages, but this tribe will continue fight for their rights," Layeq said.

Afghan lawmakers said that Balochis make up nearly two million people in Afghanistan but claimed that their equal rights were not provided.

"The rights of the Balochis have perished all over the country. The government has sidelined this tribe and did not provide them with basic governance," Afghan MP Farida Hamidi said.

According to head of the Balochis Council, the tribe is spread across multiple countries in the region with a population reaching to more than 27 million.

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