Most Afghans Will Have Internet Access in 2 Years: Officials

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More than 80 percent of the Afghan population will have access to internet within the next two years, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) said after it issued an internet service license of Vimax to three private internet service providers (ISP).

Vimax will help the ISPs provide faster and more accessible internet services and will help other companies be more interested in investing in the country, Ministry officials said.

"The service is for regular internet customers such as internet companies, their customers, and government offices, but we expect the service will lead to a growth in investments," said MCIT Minister Amirzai Sangin.

The license was given to internet companies with a value of more than $500,000, he added.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance said the MCIT income is expected to be more than $160 million in this financial year.

"This year, a 9-month financial year, the income of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology will reach up to more than $160 million. This income is satisfactory," Deputy Minister of Finance Abdurrazaq Wahedi said.

MCIT said it has also begun serious monitoring over the quality of mobile phone services in a number of provinces. The companies will be penalised a cash fine if a low-quality service by the companies is proven, it said.

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