Officials Differ Over Suspected Police Poisoning

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Up to 20 police officers hospitalised with suspected poisoning in northwest Faryab provincial hospital on Tuesday night have been discharged, officials said Wednesday.

Ministry of Public Health spokesperson Kanishka Baktash told TOLOnews that 20 police officers were hospitalised last night showing signs of poisoning. However, Faryab police commander countered that only six police fell ill after dinner and the reason for it is not clear.

"Last night 20 people were brought to the hospital showing signs that they were poisoned, but their health situation was not very serious and after receiving treatment and they were dismissed," Baktash told TOLOnews.

But the police commander said that only six police went down with headaches after having their evening meals.

"Last night after our dinner meal, six soldiers of our soldiers got headaches and we took them to the hospital. After receiving treatment they were dismissed from hospital and they got back to their duties," Commander, Nabijan Mullakhail told TOLOnews.

"And about the Ministry of Public Health, I don't know where they got this information from and why the health officials are publishing the wrong information," he added.

Mullakhil said the work against insurgents was ongoing with two suspected terrorists recently detained in the province's Ankhoye district.

He said the pair were charged with killing a police officer.

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