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Most Afghans doubt whether Pakistan will honour its commitments on protecting the borders made in a meeting between Afghanistan, Pakistan and Isaf on Tuesday, an analyst told TOLOnews.

"If Pakistan stands on its trilateral agreement, it will be for the benefit of both countries," Afghan military analyst Zalmai Wardak told TOLOnews Wednesday.

"The negotiations are a step forward as both countries are living with conflicts. But Pakistan has not been honest in its previous commitments. Doubts are already there," he added.

At Tuesday's meeting in Kabul between the army chiefs of both countries and the Isaf commander, the three sides agreed to bolster their military operations on both sides of the Durand Line to eliminate insurgents from the area.

"What I can tell you is in general they talked about intensified cooperation between the Afghan and Pakistani military forces," Isaf spokesman General Gunter Katz said about the meeting.

New efforts such as last week's prisoner release deal, the military tripartite meeting and the promise of greater security are coming as both countries attempt to bring more peace and stability to the region.

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