Lawmakers, Scholars React to Taliban Call for End to Executions

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The Taliban demand to stop the execution of prisoners involved with the militant group met with fierce backlash on Thursday with at least critic calling it "the joke of the century".

Fourteen prisoners were hanged this week, a number of whom were sentenced for their involvement with Taliban-led suicide attacks in Afghanistan.

The Taliban reacted to the executions with a threat that it will attack groups who do not seek to prevent the executions carried out by the Afghan government.

"We want the United Nations, Islamic countries, international human rights organisations and the Red Cross to prevent prisoners' execution. If they have not prevented it Kabul and the involved agencies will face strong attacks by the group," it said in a statement to the media.

Parliamentary committee for women's affairs pointed out that the Taliban regularly executes people without a formal trial.

"Did the Taliban consider human rights when they killed the woman [Najiba] in Ghorband district of Parwan province? Did she not have rights? I believe that the Taliban doesn't know what human rights are," committee leader Fawzia Kofi said.

Executive Director of the Afghan Civil Society Forum Aziz Rafee concurred.

"The Taliban don't believe in human rights. So we can name their statement as the joke of century," he told TOLOnews.

Religious scholars said that fair punishment for those who have killed innocent people is allowed under Islam.

"The killing of innocent people and women is forbidden in Islam. But the government has the right to punish who kill innocent people," Mawlawi Abdul Hadee Hedayat told TOLOnews.

Previously, religious scholar and Kabul MP Abdul Rab Rasool Sayaf said the people who are doing suicide attacks should be hanged publicly.

"Islam's holy book The Quran says to kill those who do suicide attacks," the former Jihadi leader said in September.

"You hang five suicide attackers at the gates of Kabul and if you see bombers ever again, instead of them, hang me."

Fourteen people were executed on Tuesday and Wednesday with President Hamid Karzai's approval after being convicted of rape, murder and robbery, as well as those mentioned with insurgent links.

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