Karzai Condemns Maidan Wardak Suicide Attack

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President Hamid Karzai condemned the suicide attack in central Maidan Wardak province on Friday that killed three civilians and wounded more than 90 others.

Karzai expressed his condolences for the families of the victims in a statement, and condemned the attack as perpetrated by "the enemies of Afghanistan".

On Friday, a suicide bomber in a car detonated the explosives near a joint Nato-Afghan security centre in the capital Maidan Shaher, provincial police chief Sardar Mohammad Zazai said.

The attack took place about 8:20 AM local time and the victims of the attack are said to include women and children, he said.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack with spokesman Zabihulllah Mujahid saying it was carried out to avenge the execution earlier this week of four Taliban detainees.

The four were among the 14 prisoners hanged on Tuesday and Wednesday in Kabul.

The Taliban had warned before the executions took place that it would strike against the US-backed Afghan "puppet government" if the men were put to death.

The Taliban statement claimed that two suicide bombers carried out Friday's attack, and that "large numbers" of Afghan and coalition soldiers were killed.

A local official said that more than 25 houses were also destroyed in the massive suicide attack.

A second suicide attack happened Friday in eastern Nangarhar province, injuring five, according to the spokesman for the 202nd Shamshad Military Corps Ebadullah.

The attack happened on Friday night in the Mohmand Dara district, when a suicide bomber on a motorbike detonated his explosives near a Nato military base, he said.

"All the victims are the Afghan security guards of the military base," he added.

The Nato troops are due to hand over security responsibility to local forces in 2014 as coalition combat forces withdraw from Afghanistan.

Around 66,000 US troops and 37,000 troops of other nations are fighting insurgents in Afghanistan.

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