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Dismissed district police chiefs of Baghlan province Mohammed Kamin and Amir Gul led their men into a clash with government forces on Tuesday, local officials said, as the charges against the pair are being reviewed by the attorney general.

"Kamin and Amir Gul have run a clash with security forces as a reaction to their dismissal," Sayed Zamanuddin Hussaini, Security Officer of Baghlan Police Command, told TOLOnews on Tuesday.

Kamin led the police force in the Baghlan's central district, Baghlan-e-Markazi, but was dismissed after a shooting incident between the national security forces on Oct 25 left three army officers dead.

Kamin has been accused of ordering his men to shoot the officers.

The Afghan Civil Order Police chief for the district Amir Gul was dismissed amid accusations he was extorting local residents.

"The Baghlan issue should be reviewed as soon as possible, and those who acted in the killing of three Afghan National Army soldiers should be sent to court," said Ministry of Defense spokesman Gen. Zaher Azimi on Tuesday.

Ministry of Interior spokesman confirmed that their cases are being examined.

"The Ministry of Interior has reviewed the matter very seriously and dismissed Kamin, the police chief, and Amir Gul, the Civil Order Police chief of the district," said Sediq Seddiqi.

Both spokespersons said that if Kamin is found guilty, he will receive severe punishment.

TOLOnews contacted the Attorney General on the matter but the calls were not responded to by the time of publication.

Baghlan police officials said the clash was still ongoing when TOLOnews spoke to them at 7:00PM local time.

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