Toll From Toxic Cough Syrup Rises in Lahore

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The cough medicine Tyno syrup claimed another victim in Pakistan on Tuesday, raising the death toll to 17, Pakistani media reported.

The victim died in Shahdra town in Lahore after ingesting the syrup while another four men were taken to hospital, according to DawnNews reports.

Hospital sources told Dawn that the men are drug addicts.

Meanwhile, around 400 bottles of the cough mixture have been seized and as many as eight pharmaceutical factories in Lahore shut until the medicines have been tested.

The deaths linked to the syrup occurred over the past 11 days in Lahore.

As police continue to investigate the matter, the executive district officer for health Dr Zafar Iqbal Gondal told DawnNews on Monday that the testing of the seized medicines will take about a week.

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