Schoolgirl Murdered in Kunduz After Refusing Marriage

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A 14-year-old schoolgirl has been murdered in northeastern Kunduz province after her father refused to give her in marriage.

Giseena the eleventh girl or woman to be murdered in Kunduz in eight months – since the start of the Persian calendar year (March 21).

She was killed on Tuesday when she went to collect water from the nearby well in her home district of Imam Sahib which borders Tajikistan.

Police said Giseena had her throat slit for refusing to be married, but the case is under investigation.

Kunduz police have detained two men in relation to the murder, including the man who asked to marry her, but no charges have been laid.

The two men are believed to be related to the family.

More details will be released as the investigation continues.

*An earlier version of this story said Giseena was beheaded. The police have since clarified that her throat was slit but she was not beheaded.

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