Baghlan Former Police Chiefs Will Be Captured: MOI

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The two former district police chiefs in northern Baghlan province who have defied the arrest warrant against them will be captured, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) has assured, after an attempt on Tuesday ended in bloodshed.

"No one can disobey the law. They will face a hard reaction from the police and will soon be arrested," MOI spokesperson Sediq Seddiqi said Thursday of the Baghlan-e Markazee district's former police leaders.

Former district chief of the Afghan National Police Mohammad Kamin and former district chief of the Afghan Civil Order Police Amir Gul are refusing to go quietly after they were dismissed and the order for their arrest was issued earlier this month.

A violent clash ensued on Tuesday when the pair fought back against the government forces sent to detain them with the support of illegally armed locals, understood to be men loyal to the former commanders.

At least four of the illegally armed men were killed and one police officer was wounded, the MOI said.

Kamin is accused of ordering his men to shoot at the three Afghan soldiers, killing them. Gul is accused of abusing his power and extortion.

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