Officials Warn of Penalties for Brutality Against Women

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Anyone found guilty of killing women and girls will be executed, the Attorney General's office warned after another girl was murdered this week apparently for refusing an offer of marriage.

Deputy Attorney General Rahmatullah Nazari said that with reported cases of violence against women on the rise, the penalties brought against the perpetrators will be tough.

"In Kabul alone there are 1,320 cases of violence against women under investigation. Some of the cases have been sent to the High Court," Nazari said on Thursday.

"Beheading, murder are deliberate cases and according to the law their penalty is execution," he added.

President Hamid Karzai also addressed the topic in his bi-weekly national radio address on Thursday urging every member of society to see it as their duty to end the brutality.

"Both our religion and our culture give tremendous respect to women. Women are mothers and enjoy a valuable respect in Islam" he said.

He called on religious scholars and community leaders to preach it and on the media to broadcast programs that help communicate messages against any form of domestic violence.

Giseena, 14, had her throat slit on Tuesday in northern Kunduz province while she was out collecting water for her home.

Two men have been arrested for her murder, one of them her cousin who had asked to marry Giseena but was refused by her father.

"A girl, Giseena, was murdered in the Imam Sahib district of Kunduz. The cause of the case is not completely clear but it is said that the man wanted to wed the girl but when he received a negative answer from the girl and her family, they killed her," head of Kunduz Women's Affairs department Nadera Giya said.

Kunduz police spokesman Sayed Sarwar Hussaini confirmed that at least one of the two men arrested was a relative.

"Two men were arrested – one is her cousin – and primary findings show that the man had wanted to marry her," Hussaini told TOLOnews.

Giseena is the eleventh female to be murdered in Kunduz province this Persian calendar year (since March 21).

Across Afghanistan, serious cases of violence and abuse have been resgistered by the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission reaching almost 4000 in the first eight months of the Persian year.

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