US Partnership Vital for Afghan Future: Popal

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The Afghan-US security pact and long-term strategic agreement is vital for Afghanistan, the Afghan representative at the US Department of State Mustafa Popal told TOLOnews on Monday.

He emphasised that the US is interested in a long term commitment to Afghanistan and the agreements demonstrate that.

"The US does not want to abandon Afghanistan, but it wants continue its longer relations and aid to our country," Popal said in a exclusive interview with TOLOnews.

With the country on the brink of the withdrawal of foreign forces, residents raised their concern and fear over the interference of neighboring countries in Afghanistan and a return to the 90s when the country plunged into civil war.

"The Afghan-US security pact assures the residents of Afghanistan to be hopeful of their future," Popal said.

Pakistan's role in bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan has been considered very important, however until recently it had not shown interest in this process.

"We have encourage Pakistan to help the Afghan government peace process," Popal said.

Pakistan, commonly regarded as having safe havens of terrorist organisations, has been pushed recently by both the Afghan and US governments to take the step ahead in Afghan peace negotiations and bring Taliban to the negotiation table.

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