Interior Minister Pledges Reforms to Security

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The Minister of Interior promised key reforms are underway to remove security challenges in Afghanistan, including an assessment of the worth of the Afghan Local Police (ALP).

Mujtaba Patang appeared before Senate on Tuesday to give an account of the security situation and acknowledged the concerns over the ALP.

"Presence of the Local Police has been effective for providing security at some cases, and has negatively affected areas in some other cases," Patang told the senators.

In some situations, hiring local police in the places where they are originally from has proven to be the problem, he added.

Patang warned that any mullahs who receive salaries from the government but preach against it will be treated accordingly under the law.

A number of senators accused the ministry of failing to eradicate corruption and detain those who misuse government facilities.

"These criminals who have committed crimes several times will be positioned for government posts again," said senator Hafez Abdulqayoum.

"The laws are enforced on the poor and the weak, but there is no inspection over an MP, a minister or other top officials who would beat soldiers," said senator Gul Ahmed Azami.

Patang assured the senators that corruption was a top priority for the ministry.

"Fighting to eradicate corruption in the country is one of the priorities at the Ministry of Interior. Those who are corrupted will be investigated in serious matters," he added.

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