ANSF Responsible for 70% of Security: MOD

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Afghanistan National Security Forces (ANSF) are now responsible for security in 70 percent of the country with strong signs of improving security in the past four months, the Ministry of Defense (MOD) said Thursday.

Despite concerns over the ANSFs ability to take control from the foreign armed forces, the MOD said that security has actually improved in parts where Afghan forces are in charge.

"In some of the country's important provinces, the security responsibility is completely in the hands of Afghan forces. Fortunately the security situation in those parts has improved 20 percent over the last four months of this year," MOD spokesman General Zahir Azimi said Thursday.

It is said that about 80 percent of the military operations across the country are led by Afghan forces, with the coalition soldiers of Nato providing support.

Some reports have suggested that security may have improved with the switch to ANSF being in charge because the local residents have more trust in the Afghan forces.

Azimi said that the forces are ready to take over the full responsibility in advance of the 2014 drawdown by foreign forces.

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