Suicide Attack Investigators Are Inept: Senate

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The delegations assigned by the Karzai government to investigate suicide attacks in Afghanistan are incompetent, senators said Sunday, pointing to the persistently inconclusive findings of the inquiries of past suicide attacks.

Senators criticised the government for the poor quality of the investigations saying that if it does not change its policy on hunting down suicide attack plotters, many others will die.

Accusing the planners of being in Pakistan and condemning attacks are not enough, senators said, suggesting this is all that the Karzai government is doing.

"The government has to bring changes to its security and peace negotiations policy. This is a need. The experience of the past 11 years has proven that these policies do not bring peace," Senate first deputy speaker Mohammad Alam Ezedyar said.

"Each time Afghanistan's government talks about making peace with Pakistan in order to bring peace to Afghanistan, unfortunately, Pakistan's response is a suicide attack. The government needs to change its policy towards Pakistan," senator Hedayatullah Rehayee said.

Some senators called for harsher penalties for those found to have helped with a suicide attack.

"Why doesn't the government sentence those who prepare attacks inside the country?" Senator Golalai Akbari said.

"I believe the attacks are performed by servants of foreign countries and they have to brought under the law," senator Khaleq Dad Blaghi said.

The senators' comments come after Afghan spy chief Asadullah Khalid was wounded in a suicide attack by a Taliban negotiator in Kabul on Thursday.

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