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Afghan lawmakers on Wednesday agreed to summon 11 ministers who have not spent more than 50 percent of their ministry's budget to answer before parliament, describing them as 'incompetent'.

The 11 ministries with so-called underspent budgets include, Energy and Water, Education, Counter Narcotics, Economy, Commerce, Defense, Interior, Higher Education, Information and Culture, Urban Development, and Mines and Industries.

"Those who want to summon the incompetent ministers should raise the green card," First Vice Speaker of the Afghan Parliament Abdul Zaher Qadir said, with most lawmakers raising the green in favour of the summons.

MPs voiced anger over the failure to spend the budgets, with one saying they were "playing with Afghanistan's destiny".

"Those ministers are taking the country towards disaster and are thieves. They should not be only summoned but also dismissed," Kandahar MP Mohammad Naim Lalai said.

However, some ministers criticised talk of dismissing the ministers saying that the country's current situation would not allow for a handful of ministers to be removed from their positions.

"Consider the current situation of the country: we have elections and if 15 or 20 ministers are removed together it will be a disaster for the country," Kapisa MP Mohammad Iqbal Safi said.

An MP from western Herat province Qazi Nazir Ahmad Hanafi said that such a decision will go against the Afghan constitution.

"This decision you are making is against the constitution and internal procedures of the parliament," he said.

The MPs also said that some of the ministries have spent their development budgets over their normal budgets which is against the law.

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