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The Government of Turkey has pledged its support for Afghanistan's peace negotiations, saying in a Wednesday meeting with President Hamid Karzai that it is committed to helping the process including hosting a Taliban office in the country.

The opening of a political office for the Taliban in Turkey's capital city of Ankara was the main theme of Karzai's second day in meetings with Pakistani and Turkish leaders.

Afghanistan High Peace Council also threw its support behind the Taliban office in Ankara, and requested the Pakistan government to truly give attention to Afghanistan's demands.

"Pakistanis should know that they can get some issues resolved from the peaceful way rather than war and fighting. Our advice to Pakistan is to use these kinds of meetings and forget about making Afghanistan their colony after the withdrawal of foreign forces from Afghanistan," High Peace Council deputy chair Attaullah Ludin said.

While the details of the discussions between Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey in Ankara have not been fully disclosed as yet, it is understood that Karzai gave some evidence and documents to his Pakistani counterpart about Pakistani involvement in the plot to assassinate Afghan spy chief Asadullah Khalid by suicide attack.

Some Afghan lawmakers do not believe that Pakistan will cooperate with the investigation into the attack.

"Repeatedly the President has talked with Pakistan officials, and now President Karzai gave the documents. But they will still not cooperate," Herat MP Ahmad Reza Khoshak Watandost said.

Kabul MP Sayed Hussain Anwari said he did not understand why such discussions were held outside Afghanistan.

"If the government, Taliban and regional countries honestly want to bring peace and secure Afghanistan then negotiations should be inside Afghanistan," he said.

Karzai has presented evidence that allegedly shows the Khalid plot was planned in Pakistan's city of Quetta and the bomber was a Pakistani.

Khalid survived last Thursday's attack in Kabul but sustained some injuries to the lower half of his body. He has been moved abroad to receive treatment.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack but Karzai dismissed their claim saying that the attack was too professional to have been the work of the militant group.

The trilateral meeting is the seventh year the trio have met in Ankara.

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