Afghan Company Suffers Major Loss After Attack on Foreign Contractor

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An Afghan fruit juice company has suffered an estimated $10 million loss after Monday's car bomb in eastern Kabul province targeting a nearby foreign military contractor, Afghan Industries Association officials said Tuesday.

The officials said that more than 120 people working for the company are now unemployed, calling attacks like these a major blow to the improvement of the country's fledgling industrial sector.

Association officials said they had previously discussed their concerns about security at the industrial park, but the government had not done enough to safeguard the companies.

"We urge the government officials to pay serious attention towards the industrial park in Kabul. The Association has decided to shut all the companies if the problems are not considered seriously," threatened Association head Abdul Jabar Safi.

The Afghan Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI) went one step ahead and demanded the expulsion of foreign troops and contractors, frequently targeted by insurgents, from around the industrial park.

"Our own [Afghan] industrialist has suffered a $10 million loss, while the president asks others to invest in Afghanistan. How can we stand on our own feet if the government is not supporting investors?" Deputy Chief Executive Officer of ACCI Khan Jan Alokozay said.

"We are concerned about the future," Alokozay added.

Afghan traders and investors have often blamed the government for not supporting the private sector.

A car full of explosives detonated at the compound of the US-run Contrack International on Monday, killing one and wouding 15 others, including two foreign nationals.

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