Afghan Media Watchdog Urges Gov't. to Support Journalists

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Afghan media watchdog Nai urged the Afghan government to support reporters in order to help sustain the progress made in free speech over the past decade.

Speaking at a press conference in Kabul, Nai head Sediqullah Tawhid said that freedom of speech is one of the major achievements of the Afghan government since its inception.



He urged the government to protect reporters from torture, murder and physical violence - common threats Afghan journalists face.

"We have witnessed multiple cases of violence against reporters in the country in the last decade. Threats, murder and beatings are the main challenges facing Afghan journalists. We urge the government to support reporters," Tawhidi said.

He blamed high-ranking government officials, local warlords and insurgents for violence against reporters.

"Taliban and local warlords have been involved in the abduction and murder of journalists; government officials have also committed violence against them," he added.

Despite vast improvements in the media sector, insecurity, censorship and lack of access to necessary information continue to be the main challenges.

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