Presence of Foreigners After 2014 Benefits Afghanistan: Karzai

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Talking at a conference on the fight against corruption, President Hamid Karzai said Saturday that the government of Afghanistan is prepared to reach a mutual agreement with the United States over the security pact, which he considered beneficial to Afghanistan.

"There is no doubt that the presence of foreigners after 2014 is for the good of Afghanistan. We are ready to reach an agreement with the United States over the security pact; however, the US should consider our requests as well," said President Karzai.

Speaking at Amani High School, President Karzai called the training and equipping of Afghan forces as the most important request from Kabul in connection with the pact to be signed with Washington.

"The most important request from us is strengthening and training of our Afghan security forces. They [international forces] cannot take prisoners in Afghanistan, cannot have prisons, and have to respect our sovereignty," Karzai said.

The international forces fighting the insurgency for 11 years are ending their combat mission by December 2014. A much smaller number of Nato forces is expected to remain in Afghanistan, mainly for smaller scale counter-terrorism operations.

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